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23rd May 2008

A message from the Baker fam…

I am emailing you today to ask you to oppose a current bit of legislation called the Orphan Works bill in our US congress that sounds innocent enough, but actually is a giant loophole for anyone, including megacorporations (Google is a huge backer of this bill), to profit big time without getting permission from or giving compensation to every visual artist/photographer that you know. It will reverse US copyright law as we know it.


Please go to this web site and click on “Contact your Senator in opposition to S.2913 NOW” and ” Contact your Congressman in opposition to H.R. 5889 NOW”. These links will automatically identify your senators and representatives by typing your zip code. it takes 30 seconds, honestly. 


Here’s an article in the Boston Herald that puts the Orphan Works bill in plain english. Its a real quick read. Also read the comments on this article which help explain a photographer’s point of view on this.

Unless you are for abolishing copyright and against the ability of visual artists to have income to live, please go to the links and email your congress representatives today. Do it!


Thanks and our love to everyone,


Dave and Alex


Here’s the photographer’s comments from the Boston Herald article that explains it much better than I have. Please read:


“I am a semi-retired photographer who has worked for close to 40 years producing work in some of the world\\\’s most troubled spots. My work documents many of the important issues of this time. Some were taken at risk to my life. The value of copyright is critical, as it protects the value of these images. That provides an income during my retirement and an estate for my family. Diminishing my rights, defined in Article 1 of the Constitution will have a severe economic impact on me. The problems of \\\”Orphan Works\\\” can be solved without destroying the protection I have now. Please don\\\’t take away the value of my life\\\’s work. Any new legislation must include appropriate protection for artists. The problems of museums can be addressed without, in effect, robbing me of protection. Any law, in a country such as ours, can be crafted in a way to use technology to resolve the issues without creating excess profits for huge new companies that will monitor my work. Leif Skoogfors”


“Mr. Skoogfors\’ comments are striking and evidence of the emotion that goes into creating. Everyone benefits from the creative community, it inspires and entertains, and enriches our society. Artists and photographers make sacrifices and devote their time to create, some even risk their lives in a effort to capture. The thought of Yahoo or Microsoft, Google, Picscout, Flickr or whoever coming along and taking this away from the rightful owners is abhorent. If artists/photographers/writers loose their creations, they can\’t support themselves. All of the \”supposed\” outcry to keep art from being lost? Its just coming from huge companies that want to be able to sell the fruits of other\’s labors in order to make themselves rich at the creator\’s expense- and as for the libraries? museums? they exist to preserve things that have VALUE. If these creative objects have value, then why should they be any less \’REAL\’ property than our cars or homes and why should their ownership be any less protected? The Canadian model should show that the \”orphanage\” can be a very small place and needn\’t include all art. Since 1990, there have only been a few hundred \”orphans\” - because there is a fee held in escrow and a board that must determine if the work is really unattributable. There are already large sites devoted to profiting from the infringers - the infringer posts, the big web site splits the money with the infringer, and if caught, the big web site is off the hook. The best the artist or photographer can hope for is to have their artwork removed. (I just contacted a fellow artist today regarding one such usage on \”\” and could have contacted at least a dozen more if I had had time) Removing the penalties will just create a larger market for those that wish to profit unfairly.”



12th May 2008

Tuesday, May 13th / 7:00pm …Glo’s Back in Action Art Auction Benefit

Tuesday May 13th 7pm -10pm Auction begins promptly at 7:30!
Cash, Checks & Gold accepted!!
~Light Fare & Sangria ~
To preview the donating nationally renowned artists/items to be auctioned, and to find out more about the good cause, go to:  ~~~~ BE SURE TO SCROLL THROUGH ALL POST NEW AND OLD….WE WILL BE ADDING NEW ITEMS AS THEY COME IN, AND THEY ARE CERTAINLY COMING IN FAST!
Stuff your pockets with cash and come out to get some amazing deals on some of the finest art in the land!

5 La Rue Street, Asheville, NC 28806  (Coming from Downtown:  Head into West Asheville via Patton Ave.  Take a Right onto Johnston Blvd.  (taking a Left would put you onto Haywood …and there’s a BP Station on your right).  Cross the tracks, and start looking for La Rue Street on your right. 

Call 828-505-0902 if you get lost, need more details, or are interested in childcare. 

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27th March 2008

Motivote for Obama!

Thank you Suzie Millions for allowing us to “cut-n-paste” your email!  THIS is the kind of info we’ve been looking for:

North Carolina is very critical. If you’re interested in learning more about Barack Obama, or helping the campaign, and he really does need help, here’s some quick facts. His website has a wealth of information in depth, but I’ve put some basics together here.

Campaign Office 107 Merrimon, door B on the side
directly across from the Pick-Up window at Bojangles (across from Greenlife Grocery).

It will be manned from 9 to 9. They could use help there in the office.

#1 Priority in Asheville now — VOTER REGISTRATION
Meet at the campaign office daily at 9:30 am. No experience necessary.
Registration in North Carolina ends 4/11.

Stop by the office when you have a chance.
Ask what you can do! People were donating furnishing all day Tuesday, but it looked like they could use some shelves and filing cabinets/supplies. They have a small fridge and coffee maker, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t turn away coffee, beverages, or non-perishable snacks.

Gear up.
Put a bumper sticker on your vehicle, a sign in your yard, and a button on your person.

Talk up. I usually tell people I’ve gotten involved in Barack Obama’s campaign, that he could use help, and if they want me to shut up now, I will, but if they’re of a like mind, there’s some things they could do to help. Offer to answer questions if they have doubts or misgivings. So far, I’ve been able to answer all queries, but I’m prepared if someone stumps me to offer to find out and get back to them.

Reach out to remaining primary states. Call people you know in the remaining primary states and encourage them to get involved in their local Obama organization, to gear up, and to talk up.
4/22 Pennsylvania, 5/3 Guam, 5/6 Indiana, NORTH CAROLINA, 5/13 West Virginia,
5/20 Kentucky/Oregon, 6/1Puerto Rico, 6/3 Montana, South Dakota

Here are some very useful links:

A concise list of Obama’s accomplishments in the US Senate:×4678548

Some fact-check sites:
Haven’t dug down to see if these sites truly are nonpartisan, but there’s a lot of nuts and bolts info on all the candidates here:

Here’s a site where you can dig out info on sources. I pasted a link to their page on the Center for Responsive Poiitics :

And a favorite media watchdog:

The Reverend Wright Controversy:
There are probably some very thoughtful articles–haven’t had time to read yet; here’s a link to larger segments of the sermons. I really encourage anyone to listen. I found them very, very moving:

Barack Obama’s in depth stands on the issues:

Barack’s Illinois Senate record examined, pro and con:

Here’s a response I wrote to a pin-headed article in the Citizen-Times (asteroid boy):

I’m sure there’s probably some really meaningful things I’ve overlooked (set me straight!) but it’s a start. For all of us that have endured the last 7 years with a sense of powerlessness, here’s a real chance to make a difference.

Please forward!!

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12th March 2008

Dustin Merkamp / Art Opening / Thursday, March 13th

Reception will be held Thursday March 13th from 6pm-8pm @ the Asheville Community Theater (35 E. Walnut St.).

The show will be up for the month of March, gallery hours are from 10am - 4pm Mon-Fri.

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3rd March 2008

The Green Sage …open TODAY!

Family business is sweeeet business.   Think of the Green Sage as an example that focuses on sustainable green practices, good organic local food, coffee, and smoothies  …while keeping the family at the hub of operation.  Joti Marra (My 55, Artist, Designer) will soon be coordinating the Green Sage music scene, and her brother is already working in the kitchen of their father’s Cafe.  Ahhhh ….family. 

The Green Sage
5 Broadway St.

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23rd February 2008

Start your Saturday evening at the French Broad Brewery with Seth Kauffman!

Prior to the Ahleuchatistas CD release show (at the Rocket Club), you should definitely indulge with some local brew and local tunes at the French Broad Brewery.  Seth Kauffman will have you moving at 6:00pm. 

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20th February 2008


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12th February 2008

Band of Horses on Conan TONIGHT

Catch Bill Reynolds and Tyler Ramsey TOnight (Feb. 12) with Band of Horses …on the Conan O’Brien Show

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11th February 2008

Tuesday, Feb 12th Obama Support/Meeting at the Downtown Asheville Pizza Brewing Co.

Event: Pizza! Beer! Obama!/ Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. primary results
When: Feb 12, 2008
Where: Asheville Brewing Company
77 Coxe Ave.
Asheville, NC 28803
Type: Meeting


5th January 2008

Joti Marra, Elizabeth Reed and Amelia Kelley ART OPENING!

Join these three women TONIGHT at Harvest Records and check out their collection of embroidered drawings, felt animals and many more arts and crafts!

 6:00pm to 9:00pm this evening (Saturday, January 5th) at HARVEST RECORDS!!!

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