2nd June 2008

Bo Diddley, 1928 – 2008

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30th April 2008

Asheville nicely drawn in NYT

I love the graphic novel form as a documentary or news-reporting tool, as perfected by Joe Sacco.  The New York Times has turned its pre-primary pen on Asheville, and, while it isn’t as rich as it might have been (mostly, ahem, social “caricatures” parroting the same old lines 24-hour-news-cycle lines), it’s entertaining and not unflattering.  Making appearances were: Gordon Smith (of Scrutiny Hooligans and Drinking Liberally…whatup, DL!), fmr mayor Leni Sitnick, Asheville Pizza, and Namaste yoga.

Check it out: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2008/04/30/us/politics/20080430_ASHEVILLE_SLIDESHOW_index.html?partner=permalink&exprod=permalink

And for a very readable graphic-novel-as-documentary, read Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography online at Slate.com.

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12th February 2008

Band of Horses on Conan TONIGHT

Catch Bill Reynolds and Tyler Ramsey TOnight (Feb. 12) with Band of Horses …on the Conan O’Brien Show

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19th January 2008

Suzie Millions Retro Crafts at Malaprop’s

Suzie Millions

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18th January 2008

RetroCraft Artist/Author, Suzie Millions at Malaprop’s

Asheville’s Suzie Millions is a high artisan with an abiding love of the crafted, kitschy, handmade and heartfelt, and her brand new book, The Complete Book of Retro Crafts, embodies all those things.

One of the delights of the book is getting a peek at her living and crafting spaces, which are sights to behold and feature such things as: a closet shrine to Hank Williams, a “glitter station,” cubbies full of tiny treasures, and an old-school GPS. These are seasoned places, lovingly created and attended to, and, showing them, she shares a deep knowledge of materials and process. This is a book to be read for pleasure as well as worked from. Sharp and warm. We love it.

You really should buy the book and come out to see Suzie in person at Malaprop’s Saturday, Jan. 19 at 7 pm.

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28th December 2007

Submit to PIG

I’ve gotten over the disappointment of discovering that PIG: a journal is not, in fact, a journal about pigs. Hey, poetry’s good too. Poetry isn’t pink and it doesn’t trot or solve complex problems, but it can be lyrical. And edifying. Write a poem about a pig and then you’ve really got something! PIG: a journal wants “some pigs poems!.”  Send ‘em by January 7 to pigajournal@gmail.com.

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21st December 2007

Cheers: Holiday-Suicide Link a Myth

How many times have we heard that maudlin canard about bittersweet holidays? So much happiness. And yet so many tears.

Turns out it’s mostly happiness after all. Lots of recent statistical studies (Mayo Clinic, Duke University, University of Oxford…) have shown that suicide and other indicators of depression go down by as much as 40% around the holidays.

I can personally attest that Christmastime is a glittery little hiatus from general wintertime blues. And who could contemplate self-harm while George Bailey dances through the televised streets? So raise a glass this holiday season, to depression delayed, at least until the cruel, slow slog from January to March.

Suicide: holidays’ darkest myth - Los Angeles Times
Psychology Today: Holiday Suicide Myth
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Christmas Suicides

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10th October 2007

Comic Art & the Wedge

ninjet   We love comic art, so we’re super excited about Drake’s event at the Wedge.

Ninjet Art Show & Comic Book Release Party

Thursday, Oct 11

8pm - midnight

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7th June 2007

Asheville Global Report, we knew ye well

There were gaping mouths all around the Rosetta’s table.  Billy had gone to the counter to pick up a copy of the AGR and come back pointing, aghast, at the lead article.

The 8 year run is awfully impressive given its stark presentation of read-it-if-you-think-you’re-woman-enough news.  I always had the same thought when reading the AGR and listening to the BBC: why haven’t I heard this anywhere else?!?!  In truth, I get the same feeling when watching the AGR show on URTV (also on the Dish Network) which is going strong, so I guess that abates the tragedy a bit.

If I may soapbox a mo’: the new (postage, etc) policies that have forced indie publications to shut down in the past few months are worthy of AGR’s pages and have cut close to home for me (goodbye Satya (sniff) and old-style Herbivore).  Fight the power, people.

I’ll miss the AGR’s dense, inky pages but will console myself with the TV show…and with watching Eamon shake it on the dance floor.  Dance off the taint of sham politics and corporate malfeasance, Mr. editor-man!

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21st May 2007

I notice the Orange Peel is having a t-shirt design contest…

artists? (PDF application form ahead)

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