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2007 » Sounds Pretty
28th April 2007

No Makeout Room tonight :(


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20th April 2007

4/20/07 …a plan for the evening.

Tonight is no night to lay-low. Yes, it’s Friday. Many of us have had a long week, and (regardless of what kind of week you’ve had)… it is time we all indulge!

Tonight is simple (and you can work a nap or dinner into the gaps): 6:00pm we have The Good Old Boys at The French Broad Brewery Tasting Room (No, it’s not the MtnX listed CrackerJack… and The Good Old Boys will be without a drummer this evening).  i’m pretty sure the music stops around 8:00pm… so this really is primer for the night to come. THEN… starting at 9:30 (according to Chad) we have Suttree and Dixie Dirt at the Joli Rouge.  i’ve honestly never heard Dixie Dirt, but i have heard positive things from people i truly trust.  Ok, time to walk on over to Broadway’s… i have already mentioned the BIG night of music for the AGR benefit… and i promise this is where you want to be for the last couple hours of your Friday night.

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19th April 2007

“Thing About the Chances” by Josh Carpenter

Click to listen to Thing About the Chances

(thanks Josh…another first for SoundsPretty)

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19th April 2007

Friday…April 20th at Broadway’s!!! AGR Benefit!

Wooden Tit, The Victuals, and The Burning Sensations. The Burning Sensations consist of: Chris Yeuntz (The Merle), David Gay (Unholy Trio, Freakwater, Screaming Jays), Lance Wille (Reigning Sound, Screaming Jays, Unholy Trio, etc.)….. tomorrow night (4/20) at Broadway’s…. The $$$ will go to help the Asheville Global Report. i have yet to see/hear the Burning Sensations, but i can’t wait! As for The Victuals…. i’ve heard Boger will be playing topless….. with a Thunderbird! (Yes, bring your camera). LUV, jkr

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18th April 2007

Ira rocks the Thomas Wolfe


…while seated at that soon-to-be-iconic desk, talking about craft and semiotics, cueing music and stories from a couple of sound boards, and conducting the whole thing with wildly flailing arms.  god, what is not to love?  seriously, the debonair geek, the unpromising public radio tape cutter whose idealistic little show spawns a tv and film career, the guy at the top of his career who is terrified of his upcoming appearance on Letterman….as a story, it works.

He tailored the show to us, bless him, after realizing how many “creatives” were in crowd.  He talked about storytelling craft, the evil that is the topic sentence, the tendency to strive for mediocrity, and the necessity of willfulness.  When people start listening to This American Life, according to media data, they don’t turn it off.  He explained that the reason they don’t turn it off is that he’s spent years figuring out how to keep them glued.  It was all very inspiring.

It was when he was talking about how you have to love what you’re doing and find a way to make that love evident in the product that I realized something.  He played clips from his days as a producer at NPR, clips that demonstrated the love of someone behind the scenes, and I remembered all the fantastic little humorous, gleeful moments I’d catch on NPR (I’m exposing myself as a nerd, I guess).  It must’ve been him, a lot of it anyway, behind the scenes, loving his job.  Of course, he’s packed all that into one hour a week now, and the rest of NPR (with few exceptions) is a dull wasteland now (tho some may disagree with me here). 

One thing I should add: As he talks he’s highlighting his more brilliant bits (and by that i mean his words, wink wink) with ambient music, cueing the audience that this part is important, which is precisely what he does with his show (”directing the audience’s attention,” he says), but i have to say it’s slightly less effective when you see him subtly turning the knobs.  Still, who wouldn’t want their own personal dramatic score to cue at will?  (add jaunty audio here)

Though a mirror image of the radio show, the Showtime version of TAL seems more mundane, less magical, and…people aren’t watching it apparently.  Ira was a little sadsack about that, but radio’s his medium, and it took him more than a decade to master it.  It makes sense that his Fresh Air interview about the TV show and his TAL show about the TV show have the magic that the show lacks.   

JKR noted the number of enthusiastic females in the audience (tho a gay male pal crushed on Ira way before he dropped the 30lbs and added the fancy suit), and sure enough, someone asked about his sex symbol status.  He demurred and talked about how he hated being photographed and was so wrenched by the tv appearances.  Funnily, he talked about some particular tv and radio personalities and their peccadillos, but worried aloud whether he should’ve been sharing those particular anecdotes.  In the spirit of the good old days when not everything said in front of a crowd might end up on a blog, I’ll say no more about that.

He said some nice things about local radio efforts like WPVM, and some lady asked if he’d do a new show specifically for WPVM, and he was like, “Whaaa?  I’m, uh, kinda busy…”  And isn’t that supposed to be local radio anyway?  He was gracious about it.  

In fact, he was pretty much genius and adorably vulnerable through the whole thing.  Hero status: intact.

(I didn’t take the picture, but that’s pretty much what it looked like. Woo-hoo Creative Commons!)

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6th April 2007

CrackerJack at Jack O The Wood

Short notice…  but if you’re reading this… and it happens to be Friday, April 6th….  you should go check out the show!   

“Rockabilly… surfy  …goin’ for it” is the way Flash describes their sound. 

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3rd April 2007

Shared work from Dr. Rush Simpson…

The Natural State of roads:
Mangled old men in mangled Marquises
will always lift two fingers.
But the young bucks of pick-up trucks
must stare with gravel eye.
And on her soft shoulders,
slips and veers my own wayward glance.
Delta bred front porch philosophers forever decry
their statesmen’s neglect of her.
Yet she still cuts rice and levees sharply,
though with divagation.
And if my devotion to her wavers,
these jibes and tacks will slice more than landscape.
I fled her four years ago,
but now it is she that drives the return.
I only want to grip the wheel!

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3rd April 2007

The VICTUALS at Broadway’s! Thursday, April 5th

Yes, i will be at work by 7:45am Friday morning…  and yes, i will be at Broadway’s the night before to check out the Victuals.  Why?  …because they’re one of the best things Asheville has to offer in the real-deal department.  i’m excited, and i would love to see YOU there!  Erie Choir, from Durham/Chapel Hill, has featured/features members of Sorry About Dresden, The Nein, Audubon Park, The White Octave, Le Weekend, Roxotica, etc.  ….they will be opening the evening at 10:30pm.  Your friends will love you for sharing the news!  4 bucks will get you moving. 

Luv,  jkr

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2nd April 2007

Dustin Merkamp hangs new work at Over Easy Cafe…

We will all have the opportunity to check out Dustin’s work in person starting tomorrow (April 3rd) at the Over Easy Cafe.  We recommend the peanut butter smooooothie!

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