25th May 2007

There and back again….the hellsayers in the uk

“we are here. back in london after the first 3 shows of the hellsayers playing with band of horses in london, glasgow, and manchester, uk. many stories to tell, in which i’ll do tomorrow…but for now, a quick rundown. eric, jonas and jeff arrive on thurs..many great meals, new friends. jeff gets appointed `terrorist’ by drunken irish troupe…much sightseeing…days go by…drinking and seeing london’s nightlife….wayne shows up…more good..scott shows up..band together…first show, scala in london..souled out..lot’s and lot’s of new fans..second night, king tut’s in glasgow in scotland…souled out again..great venue, service and unbelievably great reaction..one of the best hellsayer shows ever..boh sounds truly amazing..sold out..merch out ta’ door…third night, music box in manchester, england…same attendence.. stage disaster starts w/ electricity and continuing thru jonas blowing rob’s amp up ( boh) and ben running around trying to fix amp..problems continue..all shrug and stake it as the show that happens every tour..see great friends ( sarah and denman)…merch flies…second night of signing lots of shit…unbelievable..and now we are here, back in london..our driver’s name is jon and he is here. he kick’s arse..great hair and great brain. talk to tomorrow and so sorry for the lateness..will keep up bettah’..cheers, jonas
ps-look for the pimpin’ Suttree shirt in the benelux…”

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21st May 2007

I notice the Orange Peel is having a t-shirt design contest…

artists? (PDF application form ahead)

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20th May 2007

pumpkin smashers disappointed

Ticketweb’s servers down.  Ticket-seekers aghast.  When we rushed in at 1:05, it was out of commission.  DOOA: Dead On Our Arrival.  Are their servers that fragile?  You’d think their parent company, TicketMaster, could put some muscle behind them. 

I’m surprised the Orange Peel hasn’t posted some kind of ”technical difficulties” notice on their site for such a high profile launch failure. 

Nothing on the ashevillerock boards about it yet, but we’ll post any news we hear.

UPDATE: The Peel came through with a response.  Basically, a day’s delay, and a extra-fee-free switch to Ticketmaster.

UPDATE 2: SOLD OUT. We got our tickets (6/27), and it looks like we each should have bought a couple…we’ve already heard from friends looking for extras. 

For the record, BB predicted that this event would be underattended.  Or at least would take a while to sell out.  As usual, JKR was better attuned to the scene.  Who knew the Pumpkins still had it in them, and without Iha and D’Arcy even.

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18th May 2007

The Good Old Boys in Waynesville Tonight!

The Good Old Boys put the whisky, fire and spit-it-out heartbreak back into country music. Such filth belongs in an honest country song….. and you will find such, and relate to it, at O’Malley’s Irish Pub in Waynesville tonight (located on Main Street). If you have the afternoon off…. get to know Waynesville a bit. Waynesville is no more than 30 minutes away Asheville… some claim only 20 if you’re in West Asheville.

Strands of Music does have the occasional gem of a guitar or amp (head straight upstairs for the used gear). They are located at 67 Academy Street. (Any local will be able to tell you how to get there). If you are not able to drive yourself back to Asheville after the show… make sure you hit Whitman’s Bakery in the Morning! (Just UP the street from O’Malley’s).

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7th May 2007

Broadway’s 5/08 Watch Out!

The Makeout Room will be appearing (for real this time!) at Broadway’s tomorrow.  The traveling act is a band called The Old Haunts from Olympia, WA.  They’re on the Kill Rock Stars roster and Tobi Vail from Bikini Kill plays drums for them.  Should be a great show.  10:30, $5, 21+.

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4th May 2007

cinco de mayo?

IF you are in Atlanta…you should go the 11:11 Teahouse Saturday, May 5th  (or maybe just tell your friends who live in Atlanta this is where they should be). 

Hey Neighbor!, Chainestereo, and Fisher are playing… and we are told it will follow the Modest Mouse show.  So if you are already heading down to ATL for the Modest Mouse show… you should go check out Asheville’s Hey Neighbor! and Fisher. Chainestereo played at Static Age Records a while back…. and truly sounded great.  Their EP is really nice as well. 

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