29th June 2007

This Saturday night……..

Hey Neighbor!, Chainestereo, and Antique Curtains will be rocking Broadway’s.
We have your protection…. in the form of ear-plugs.

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29th June 2007

New Gallery opening TONIGHT!

Element Studio and Gallery is having their opening tonight! Starts at 6:00 pm…. and goes “until…”
Located at 33 Carolina Lane.

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21st June 2007

Johnny Crash is back…

Friday, June 22nd, Johnny Crash will be back in Marshall. What does this mean? …BIG Party!
El Hub, Hey Neighbor!, and Shake It Like A Caveman will all be performing.

Things to consider: Madison County is a DRY county… so even though there may be a keg or 2… back-up may be nice.
Cost? …it’s a PARTY!
Carpooling may assist in getting home safely. (or bring a sleeping bag/pillow).

The event will take place at 10 South Main Street. Marshall, NC 28753 (Right behind where Zuma Coffee used to be).

Come one, come all…. we’ll see you there! Things get started at 9:00pm.

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14th June 2007

The Victuals and Chainestereo at Broadway’s FRIDAY

If you have yet to hear the Victuals…  promise me you will go see/hear them tomorrow night (Friday, June 15th) at Broadway’s.  i will give at LEAST 8% of the cover back to ANYone who finds themselves disappointed.  Chainestereo (from Athens/Atlanta GA) are honestly a perfect-o match!  i loved them the first time i saw them…  and they were even better when i saw them in Atlanta a few weeks ago.

If you were to get pulled over driving 96mph in a 50… and the officer approached with a smile and simply said, “slow it down”…  the following 15 minutes would feel much like the feeling i look forward to the Victuals and Chainestereo providing me with tomorrow night.

……….by the way, Chainestereo sounds like SHIN-stereo.  i think it’s Frenchie.

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13th June 2007

The Merle AND the Unholy Trio!

It’s not too early to mark your calendars. Morgan Chris Geer is heading our way from Portland… he will only be here for two nights… and for those two nights, he is reuniting two bands that were once at the top of the Asheville music scene. The Merle and the Unholy Trio. This is what we have so far:

FRIDAY the 13th of July, The Merle (Hey Neighbor! opening) at Broadway’s.

Saturday, July 14th, The Unholy Trio at Broadway’s.

Start spreading the word.

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7th June 2007

Asheville Global Report, we knew ye well

There were gaping mouths all around the Rosetta’s table.  Billy had gone to the counter to pick up a copy of the AGR and come back pointing, aghast, at the lead article.

The 8 year run is awfully impressive given its stark presentation of read-it-if-you-think-you’re-woman-enough news.  I always had the same thought when reading the AGR and listening to the BBC: why haven’t I heard this anywhere else?!?!  In truth, I get the same feeling when watching the AGR show on URTV (also on the Dish Network) which is going strong, so I guess that abates the tragedy a bit.

If I may soapbox a mo’: the new (postage, etc) policies that have forced indie publications to shut down in the past few months are worthy of AGR’s pages and have cut close to home for me (goodbye Satya (sniff) and old-style Herbivore).  Fight the power, people.

I’ll miss the AGR’s dense, inky pages but will console myself with the TV show…and with watching Eamon shake it on the dance floor.  Dance off the taint of sham politics and corporate malfeasance, Mr. editor-man!

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7th June 2007

Friday, Bitter Pills… Saturday, On The Take

If you haven’t heard them live, you’ve surely heard the tales.

Prepare for a 3 night kick-ass musicfest at Broadway’s:

THURSDAY: Reigning Sound (!)

FRIDAY: Bitter Pills (!)

SATURDAY: On The Take (.) (just kidding because we luvs ‘em) (!!!)

Take your vitamins and have a glass of water waiting on your bedside table before heading out that door.

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7th June 2007

Reigning Sound… TONIGHT!

The last time the Reigning Sound was supposed to play Broadway’s Greg got all sick and had to cancel. Lexington Ave. was moping as though we had just lost a war (that’s a joke)… and yours truly got quite a few commiserating phone calls. It was only a few days later that the Reigning Sound played Conan…then motivated on down to Austin for the big South by Southwest…. and i’ve been waiting ever-since to really move again. TONIGHT is the night. This is the kind of show Broadway’s is made for…and the Reigning Sound will be sharing the stage with the Turpentine Brothers and Wooden Tit.

i can’t wait!

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6th June 2007

Reigning Sound video on LIVE FROM MEMPHIS

Watch the Sound play their signature, Bad Man.

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3rd June 2007

What’s with our sidebars??

If you’re encountering this problem, I apologize.  For reasons I have yet to comprehend, when you first bring up our pages, the sidebars can be found way down at the bottom of the page.  Reload, and they pop right up to their rightful spots.  Know that I’m working on it, and, please, if you have any ideas, don’t be shy about sharing them.  We’re on the gmail, and our username is soundspretty.

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