24th August 2007

You should go to the Grey Eagle…

…in general and this weekend in particular.

Tyler Ramsey Grey Eagle
Tyler Ramsey & Thad Cockrell
Ben Kweller Grey Eagle
Ben Kweller

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9th August 2007

Josh and Angi at the Flood

It may not happen on CMT (like it has for some other Ashevillians), but (if talent has anything to do with such things) Josh Carpenter and Angi West will be Asheville’s next big deal(s).  Angi and Josh will be performing together at the Flood Gallery Friday, August 17 (at 7pm?).  Check it.  Seriously. 

josh carpenter and angi west

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3rd August 2007

reigning sound +the goldenboys +agent Double-O-Soul

my lord please help me to live long enough to feel the rock coursing through my body like some hillbilly meth rush. now how do i get it to say this show is on saturday.

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