29th September 2007

Hey Neighbor & The Loners Saturday!

Hey Neighbor at Fred’s Speakeasy.  Catch it.

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24th September 2007

White Stripe in the Vicinity

jack white stripes
Photo by pixxiestails
  Just got a call alerting me to Jack White’s presence at the Queens of the Stone Age show at the Orange Peel. Had I not been in PJs and mid-(tooth)brush, I would’ve been there lickety-like, but as it was I had only to curse the case of the Mondays that kept me home. I do have a soft spot for Jack. Wonder what he’s doing round these parts? Just a big QOTSA fan? /BB

update: Apparently he is a big fan and was hangin’ with the band.

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23rd September 2007

Tyler Ramsey touring with Band of Horses!

It’s no lie.  Tyler is opening for Band of Horses throughout their upcoming tour!  This means both Bill Reynolds (who is currently playing bass for Band of Horses) and Tyler Ramsey will be storming the states …together.  Yes, these Asheville sweethearts deserve what’s coming their way.

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21st September 2007

The Burning Sensations at Broadway’s TONIGHT!

The “midnight show” is back!  Tonight at Broadway’s an all-star line up, consisting of Chis Yountz (the Merle), Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound, Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers), David Wayne Gay (Reigning Sound, Unholy Trio, Freakwater, Hey Neighbor!, etc.) and Lance Wille (Reigning Sound, Unholy Trio, Screaming Jays, and on and on and on) will unite as one big cluster of Burning Sensations!  Not to be missed, The Lowdown Travelers will be opening.   In the most beautiful sense of the word …it’ll all be DIRTY!             Midnight …tonight.   

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14th September 2007

New CrackerJack! Tomorrow at Jack of the Wood

Scott Sharpe (Blue Rags/Low Down Travelers) with his fun-shaking Crackerjack will be healing at Jack of the Wood this Saturday the 15th!  Dr. David Jones (Custard Pie/Asheville “Hero”) and world-wide rock-icon, Lance Wille (Reigning Sound/Unholy Trio) will be joining the session.  Check your worries at the door…

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2nd September 2007

DCJ & Asheville’s Iraq Wall

I learned something new from my Asheville Flickr photostream today: our friend David Connor Jones (of Custard Pie, Moon Europa, Halcyon Productions, URTV’s Ashe-Vegas Music Television) has a peace park in his yard. Here he is, in a photo by Zen, doing the good work.

david connor jones iraq wall peace park asheville


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