20th November 2007

Reigning Sound / Broadway’s / “9:00 pm”

6 bucks!  See you tonight (Tuesday, November 20th).  Oh, the holidays are upon us…

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15th November 2007

Angi West, Ash Reiter, Sunny Italy

angi west

“A charming evening of indie-folk” that you ought not miss.
Sunday, November 18
Joli Rouge

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11th November 2007

kucinich in asheville

kucinich in asheville

Originally uploaded by soundspretty
Dennis Kucinich signs a last minute autograph for Jay & Susie Rabuck

See the rest of our Flickr set.

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11th November 2007

Kucinich at Malaprops TODAY

Just a reminder, Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich will be at Malaprops today at 6:00 pm!!!  Open to all. 

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11th November 2007

New Orleans Saints

Support the Saints; Meet New Orleans folk.  Some were “dispersed” by Katrina, others just hailed the siren song of Asheville, but Asheville is home to a good number of Saints fans.  Northside Bar and Grill on Merrimon consisitently has a minimum of 8 Saints fans cheering for their team (that’s where I met Elzy and David from the Steves).  If you know of other Saints gatherings, please let SoundsPretty know about it!  

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10th November 2007

TONIGHT, the Good Ol’ Boyz

The Good Ol’ Boyz are playing at  Jack Of The Wood, TONIGHT at 9:30pm.  If you have yet to check them out …tonight’s the night. 

Real-deal country.

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9th November 2007

Kucinich in Asheville

Dennis Kucinich will be coming to Asheville this Sunday, Nov 11. 

Meet and Greet Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich
Sunday, November 11 at 6:00pm
Malaprops Coffee Shop and Bookstore
Open to the public

Dinner with Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich (20 seats available)
Sunday, November 11 at 6:45pm
Laughing Seed Café
40 Wall Street, Asheville, NC
$100 - Supporter $250 - Friend $500 - Host

If you have any questions about either event, please contact Kyle Cogburn at
828-301-3195 or kcogburn@gmail.com

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9th November 2007

Suttree / The Slow Break …tonight at Broadway’s

Thank you Chad McRorie for the update!!! 

Tell all your friends that tonights the night.  The Slow Break hail from Louisville, Kentucky.  This male and female ensamble promise to excite and dazzle with stunning song craft, bewitching stage presence and a keen sense of fashion.
Suttree promise to show up and catch a good buzz (some more than others). Expect at least one new song, plus some old ones, tons of people smoking and the occasionally bored hipster unsure of why they’re at the show and whether they can feign enjoyment without ridicule.
Should be a blast.  Read White Noise by Don Dellilo at some point in your life.   See you tonight, show gets rolling aroundish 10.
Love, Chad

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8th November 2007

Bill Of Rights = CSS Worker’s dream

I know there are several “Community Support Workers” who look for interesting things to do during the afternoon with their clients.  (To be real vague,”CSS workers” assist clients by working one-on-one to help meet their client’s specified goals).  This exhibit of the Bill of Rights will get your client “out in the community” while gaining a little after-school education.  Several schools in the area are actually going on field trips to see the Bill of Rights tour, but the exhibit may offer a less rushed atmosphere during public hours. 

Naturally, anyone is welcome to check out the North Carolina Tour of the Bill of Rights’ brief stop at UNCA.  Should be interesting.   HERE is the schedule. 

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5th November 2007

Band of Horses not on Conan tonight

“Conan is cancelled because of the strike”  - Bill Reynolds 

Just when you thought it was time to pull out the VCR and hit record…

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