31st March 2008

Dirtbombs tonight at the Orange Peel

Show starts around 9:00pm.  Check them out. 

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27th March 2008

Motivote for Obama!

Thank you Suzie Millions for allowing us to “cut-n-paste” your email!  THIS is the kind of info we’ve been looking for:

North Carolina is very critical. If you’re interested in learning more about Barack Obama, or helping the campaign, and he really does need help, here’s some quick facts. His website has a wealth of information in depth, but I’ve put some basics together here.

Campaign Office 107 Merrimon, door B on the side
directly across from the Pick-Up window at Bojangles (across from Greenlife Grocery).

It will be manned from 9 to 9. They could use help there in the office.

#1 Priority in Asheville now — VOTER REGISTRATION
Meet at the campaign office daily at 9:30 am. No experience necessary.
Registration in North Carolina ends 4/11.

Stop by the office when you have a chance.
Ask what you can do! People were donating furnishing all day Tuesday, but it looked like they could use some shelves and filing cabinets/supplies. They have a small fridge and coffee maker, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t turn away coffee, beverages, or non-perishable snacks.

Gear up.
Put a bumper sticker on your vehicle, a sign in your yard, and a button on your person.

Talk up. I usually tell people I’ve gotten involved in Barack Obama’s campaign, that he could use help, and if they want me to shut up now, I will, but if they’re of a like mind, there’s some things they could do to help. Offer to answer questions if they have doubts or misgivings. So far, I’ve been able to answer all queries, but I’m prepared if someone stumps me to offer to find out and get back to them.

Reach out to remaining primary states. Call people you know in the remaining primary states and encourage them to get involved in their local Obama organization, to gear up, and to talk up.
4/22 Pennsylvania, 5/3 Guam, 5/6 Indiana, NORTH CAROLINA, 5/13 West Virginia,
5/20 Kentucky/Oregon, 6/1Puerto Rico, 6/3 Montana, South Dakota

Here are some very useful links:

A concise list of Obama’s accomplishments in the US Senate:

Some fact-check sites:
Haven’t dug down to see if these sites truly are nonpartisan, but there’s a lot of nuts and bolts info on all the candidates here:



Here’s a site where you can dig out info on sources. I pasted a link to their page on the Center for Responsive Poiitics :

And a favorite media watchdog:

The Reverend Wright Controversy:
There are probably some very thoughtful articles–haven’t had time to read yet; here’s a link to larger segments of the sermons. I really encourage anyone to listen. I found them very, very moving:

Barack Obama’s in depth stands on the issues:

Barack’s Illinois Senate record examined, pro and con:

Here’s a response I wrote to a pin-headed article in the Citizen-Times (asteroid boy):

I’m sure there’s probably some really meaningful things I’ve overlooked (set me straight!) but it’s a start. For all of us that have endured the last 7 years with a sense of powerlessness, here’s a real chance to make a difference.

Please forward!!

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20th March 2008

Angi West (and band)…


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16th March 2008

Tonight! Bread and Roses at Gourmet Perks

Bread and Roses

 They get going at 8:00pm THIS evening. 

Gourmet Perks

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15th March 2008

TONIGHT! (the latest)

Due to tornadoes in the greater Atlanta area …Chainestereo will NOT be playing tonight at Fred’s Speakeasy.  (The boys are “alright” after a “long night of craziness”).  No other changes to Fred’s Saturday schedule. 

The Mend will be playing TONIGHTwith the Nein at Broadway’s!!!  Ryan Cox(If You Wannas) is now playing with The Mend …and tonight will be the first show to catch The Mend with their new guitarist.   

Scroll down to see other Asheville happenings.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

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13th March 2008

Retro Craft + Vintage Vinyl + Snacks = Slap Silly Fun

Come by the ScreenDoor this Saturday for a Retro Craft event. Suzie Millions
will give a brief talk and be available to sign copies of “The Complete Book
of Retro Crafts” (currently a “Hot New Release” on Amazon.com!)

She will be showing new artwork, plus original craft pieces featured in the
book, which will be available for sale for the first time.

Where: ScreenDoor, 115 Fairview Road, Asheville 828/277.3667

When: Saturday, March 15, 3pm

Questions/clarifications, give Suzie a hollar at 628.2993.

venuszine: “The Complete Book of Retro Crafts is a vintage-lover’s dream
book on retro crafts and the process of finding, keeping, and creating them”

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13th March 2008

Your Knives & Daggers visual reminder. Saturday, March 15th/Rocket Club

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12th March 2008

Saturday Night 3/15 at the Rocket Club! Knives and Daggers!

Don’t forget to spend Friday night with good friends Nevada and The Houstons at the Grey Eagle.

Saturday night is the return of Knives and Daggers at the Rocket Club. Yes, the band that will not die is playing with Birds on the Ground as part of their cd release party. Members shared between Nevada and Knives make this a double shot of music worth seeing!

Hope to see some of you this weekend!


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12th March 2008

Dustin Merkamp / Art Opening / Thursday, March 13th

Reception will be held Thursday March 13th from 6pm-8pm @ the Asheville Community Theater (35 E. Walnut St.).

The show will be up for the month of March, gallery hours are from 10am - 4pm Mon-Fri.

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11th March 2008

Saturday, March 15 / Chainestereo / Fred’s Speakeasy!

Chainestereo, Johnny Buffalo, and the Mutinous Noise

Fred’s Speakeasy

THIS coming Saturday night

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