3rd March 2008

The Green Sage …open TODAY!

Family business is sweeeet business.   Think of the Green Sage as an example that focuses on sustainable green practices, good organic local food, coffee, and smoothies  …while keeping the family at the hub of operation.  Joti Marra (My 55, Artist, Designer) will soon be coordinating the Green Sage music scene, and her brother is already working in the kitchen of their father’s Cafe.  Ahhhh ….family. 

The Green Sage
5 Broadway St.

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9th December 2007

fun fun fun

wow what great fun last night, thanks everybody who joined us - lance

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8th December 2007

Tonight: Reigning Sound/Black Lips (Orange Peel) and Late-night at The Admiral

Last night felt great.  It was the opening night at the Admiral, and I immediately felt at ease walking through the front door finding friends who were already discussing the fact that Asheville finally has what it’s been needing.  There was a soon to be running jukebox to the right, an inviting lounge area to the left, and a bar lined with faces that have longed for a home that could be both start and finish to their evening.  On top of the Admiral being a comfortable space, the ambitious (thank you, Lance) menu tastes as nice as it sounds.  Multiple vegan offerings, like the “Vegan faux meat loaf. Tofu, brown rice, winter vegetables. Coconut milk mashed potatoes, green beans almandine” will be consumed by ME this evening prior to my little trip downtown.  Which finally brings us to this evening …The Reigning Sound and the Black Lips are going to set the OrangePeel on fire this evening.  Two bands that are already legendary across the globe.  As soon as that fire gets put out (and it will take a while) …head on back to the Admiral (400 Haywood Road …across from Harvest Records and next to BJ’s) where you can settle in for a late-night dinner/snack and enjoy the sounds that Reigning Sound’s Greg Cartwright will be spinning.  Honest, this is going to be a great evening.  Spread the word! 

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